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Installing Access Control (v2.0 and up)

Installing Access Control – for First-Time CxSAST/CxOSA Installations (v9.0.0 and up)

For first-time CxSAST/CxOSA installations, the Access Control installation is a part of the CxSAST/CxOSA installer. See Previous - Installing CxSAST (v9.0.0).

Installing Access Control – for Upgrading CxSAST/CxOSA (to v9.0.0 and up) from v8.8.0 or v8.9.0

When upgrading CxSAST/CxOSA to v9.0.0 and up from v8.8.0 and v8.9.0 only, the Access Control installation comes as a separate installer that must be run before running the CxSAST/CxOSA upgrade installer. See Upgrading CxSAST and Access Control Data Migration Installer.


If upgrading CxSAST/CsOSA from a version prior to v8.0.0, first upgrade to v8.0.0 or v8.9.0 – after which you then perform the upgrade procedure to v9.0.0 (and up), which installs Access Control.