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Installing CxOSA

Before installing CxOSA, make sure that you understand the CxOSA System Architecture, that your server host(s) complies with the host requirements, and that you have properly prepared the installation environment.

CxOSA is currently dependant on CxSAST and is installed as part of the CxSAST installation. For more information about this subject, see Installing CxSAST.


For pre-v8.7 CxSAST installations you will need to migrate to the new Checkmarx OSA engine, please refer to Migration to CxOSA Engine.

For versions v.8.8 & v.8.9, the required quick fix should also be installed:


The quick fix can be applied regardless of any hotfix that may have been installed.

The quick fix performs the following:

  • Changes the URL to the new engine (change occurs in SAST DB)

  • Adds URL information to the scans log to increase supportability


Performing scans from the CxServer, and based on your environment, additional languages and package managers should also be installed, see Supported Languages and Package Managers for more information.