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Importing SAST to Checkmarx One


To import an existing SAST environment to Checkmarx One the following are mandatory:

  • SAST environment exported file - Archive zip file.

  • Checkmarx One Tenant name.

  • Checkmarx One Admin Username & Password.

  • Symmetric key - A .txt file that includes the Symmetric key will be created automatically with the SAST environment exported archive file.

    Open the .txt file in a text editor.

    Copy the key string.

Import Procedure

To import the SAST exported environment to Checkmarx One, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to Checkmarx One using the Tenant, Username & Password.

  2. Click on the Account Settings icon (Located in the left Navigation pane).

  3. Click on the Imports tab.

  4. Click on Import.

  5. Drag and drop the SAST zip archive file, or click Select File to upload the archive file.

    Enter the Symmetric key (Encryption key)



    A notification that the file is successfully uploaded will appear at the top

  6. Click on Import Data.

  7. The Import process is started and the Status is presented.

  8. When the Import process is done, the Status will be updated accordingly.


Import Statuses & History

There are 4 Import Statuses: Running, Pending, Completed, Failed.

The Import screen contains the history of all the Imports timestamps.

For example:


Import Panel

Click on the relevant Import line in the main Import screen.


The import panel is opened on the right screen side, containing the following Import details:

  • Import ID

  • Import timestamp

  • Status

  • Download logs button

Import Logs

Click on Download migration logs button 6247580307.png.

The migration logs will be downloaded to the browser’s default download folder.


Error logs will be printed to the screen for a quick analysis (they will be also included in the downloaded logs)

For example: