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Configuring the Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration

Configuration is done initially and is a one-time activity.

To Configure the Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration:

  1. Navigate to your instance of Service Now and log in.

  2. Search for Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration.

  3. Click Configuration.

  4. Provide the information required to complete the Checkmarx One configuration.


    Fields marked with a red asterisk are compulsory.

  5. Enter the following in the required fields on the Configuration page:

    • IAM URL: Checkmarx One IAM URL (remove ‘/’ from the end of the URL)

    • API Base URL: Checkmarx One Base URL (remove ‘/’ from the end of the URL)

    • Tenant: Checkmarx One Tenant

    • Client ID: Oauth 2 Client ID

    • Client Secret: Oauth 2 Client Secret

    • Select Include SCA or Include SAST or both to get scanner results.

  6. Click Save and Test Credentials.


For Single Tenant, IAM URL, and API Base, the URL will be the same.


The system tests the credentials and confirms if the validation is successful.

If the authentication is successful continue on to perform the Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration.