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RS 3.0.0

The Checkmarx Reporting Service 3.0.0 contains the following deliverables:

  • Scheduler service allows:

    • Scheduling the reports generation (based in the available templates) to be executed periodically and to sending the report automatically to a specific list of emails recipients.

    • Editing, deleting, enabling, and disabling scheduled templates.

  • The following issues in the scan template were resolved:

    • Duplicated results in the Resolved Vulnerabilities section.

    • Incorrect dates displayed in the Resolved Date field, available in the Resolved Vulnerabilities section.

    • Mismatched values between the total results displayed in the Resolved Vulnerabilities section and the Vulnerability Type table.

  • The following bug in the portal PowerShell script to allow the second run of the script:

    • CxReportingPortal does not load when the ReportingApiAddress URL in the Portal script needs to be changed.

  • Resolved an issue to prevent displaying results having a Custom State as To Verify.