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Checkmarx SCA (REST) API Documentation

You can access the full functionality of the Checkmarx SCA platform using our external (REST) APIs. You can perform the following actions vai API: CRUD actions on Checkmarx SCA Projects, run scans, view scan results, and generate Risk Reports.

Checkmarx SCA uses Access Tokens for authentication of all API calls. Access Tokens can be acquired using the login credentials that you use to log in to the web platform. Each session begins with generating an Access Token, which is valid for one hour. That token is then used in the header with each API call.


Make sure that your firewall is configured to allow access to all relevant Checkmarx SCA endpoints, see Connectivity to Checkmarx SCA Cloud.


The following represents a standard workflow for creating a new Project, running a scan on that Project and viewing results.

  1. Use POST /identity/connect/token to generate an Access Token.

  2. Use POST risk-management/projects to create a new Project and generate a Project ID.

  3. If you would like to activate Exploitable Path, use PUT /risk-management/settings/projects/{projectId} to configure the Exploitable Path settings.

  4. If your source code is in a zip file, use POST /api/uploads to generate an upload link and then use PUT /{uploadLink} and the path to your zip file to upload your file.

  5. Use POST /api/scans , specifying the URL of the uploaded file or Git repository, to scan the Project.

  6. You can check the status of the scan using GET /api/scans/{scanId} .

  7. View the results using the Risk Reports APIs.


Alternatively, you can view the results in the Checkmarx SCA web browser (UI), see Viewing Results.