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Manual Engine Pack Rollback


To rollback from CxSAST Engine Pack 9.5.X to CxSAST 9.5.0 GA, simply install CxSAST Engine Pack 9.5.0 and the setup will replace all necessary files and database configurations.

For any question or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at Checkmarx Support Center.

To rollback from CxSAST Engine Pack 9.4.X to CxSAST 9.4.0 GA, perform the following:

  1. Run CxSetup.EnginePack.exe and click UNINSTALL. The CxEngine and CxAudit components will be completely removed from the host. Close the Engine Pack Setup.

  2. Run CxSetup.exe Start and click MODIFY. Follow the instructions in the Setup wizard to install the CxEngine or CxAudit or both.

  3. Restore the env vars (environment variables) and the CxAudit configuration files from the backup that was performed before upgrading to the Engine Pack. Restore this data by deleting the existing configuration files and env vars and by replacing them with the original files from the backup files.

  4. If there are more than one hosts with the CxEngine and CxAudit components, repeat steps 1 to 3 for each of these hosts.

  5. To rollback the database, run the ORM utility on one of the CxManager hosts. Even if there are multiple CxManager instances installed on more than one host, it is only necessary to run the utility on one CxManager host. Running the utility will revert the database back to the GA version.


If you decide to uninstall CxSAST after you have installed a CxSAST Engine Pack on top of the CxSAST installation, you must first uninstall the Engine Pack, before uninstalling CxSAST.

For information about using PowerShell scripts to roll back Engine Pack, see Automated Engine Pack Rollback Process using PowerShell.