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Create a Smaller File for Upload

When uploading a project for scanning, if the zip file is larger than 200 MB, you will not be able to upload it. To create a smaller zip file of only files with specified extensions, you can use Checkmarx's CxZip utility.

To create a smaller file for upload:

1. Download and install the relevant 7-Zip application from 7-Zip

2. Download and extract the zipped CxZip.exe. from Checkmarx Utilities.

3. Edit the extracted CxExt.txt file to specifiy extensions.


The zip library is limited to 65534 entries (files) per zip archive.

4. Run the following command:

CxZip.exe <FolderToZip> <>

where <FolderToZip> is the source code folder, and <> is the path to the output zip file to be created. 

For example:

CxZip.exe c:\Projects\TestProject c:\Projects\