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Managing Codebashing User Roles

Codebashing comes with three user roles, Admin, Manager and User. These three user levels have different tasks and privileges as explained below:


Tasks and Privileges


Admin users have full access to the Codebashing Control Panel, which includes:

  • Changing user roles. Visit Managing All Users for additional information and instructions.

  • Inviting users

  • Deleting users

  • Granting and modifying API credentials

  • Viewing and downloading reports

  • Viewing enrollment and course progress

  • Assigning lessons

  • Assigning assessments for users

  • Exporting and downloading leaderboards for challenges taken by users

  • Setting up tournaments

  • Assigning and editing tasks to teams

  • Sending broadcasts.

Admin users cannot be part of a team and cannot participate in tournaments.


Manager users serve as leaders of their respective teams and have access to the Dashboard and the Teams Management section on the Control Panel as follows:

  • Dashboard: Enables managers to see graphs and statistics about their teams and their course completion progress.

  • Teams: Grants managers access to their individual team members’ information and permits them to add members to their teams, if their admin authorized it. In addition, managers can export team training data, change their respective teams' names and define a different course as primary course.

  • If authorized, managers are also able to do the following:

    • Creating assessments for their teams

    • Creating and launching tournaments for their teams.

    • Creating custom courses for their teams.

Manager users can be part of a team and participate in tournaments as team members. In addition, Manager users can be redefined as regular users in specific teams. In this case, they retain their Manager privileges in the Codebashing users, but are defined as regular users in that specific team. For additional information, refer to the instructions on editing a team in Managing All Teams.


Regular users only have permission to access the courses that they have been assigned to and have no access to the Codebashing Control Panel.