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Navigating the Play Page

On the Play page, you have access to a variety of challenges and rankings that showcase your individual achievements and team performance. The page is designed to provide an engaging and competitive environment for your learning and growth in Codebashing.

  • At the top of the page is the Challenges Leaderboard (Top 10 Challengers ) for the past 6 months. It can be toggled between a Users- and Teams-only view by clicking the respective tab. Your profile in the leaderboard appears as You with your current ranking, your Team name, and the number of DevCoins you have earned. This allows you to see your progress and compare it with others in the Codebashing community. It's an exciting way to track your performance and strive for higher rankings!


User View (L) Team View (R)

  • Advanced Challenges catalogs more difficult challenges for those seeking a true test of their understanding of Codebashing. To attempt the challenge, hover your mouse over the challenge you wish to try and click Take Challenge. Each challenge displays the maximum number of DevCoinsDevCoinsICON.png you can earn. Completed challenges are indicated with a Taken banner with the number of DevCoins you've earned. You may retake challenges as many times as you like to earn its total number of DevCoins or for continuous learning and improvement. Hovering your mouse over a completed challenge gives you the option to retake the challenge by clicking Challenge Again.

  • Beginner Challenges and Intermediate Challenges catalog the easier challenges in Codebashing. If you are new to Codebashing or are learning a new course, this is an ideal space to check your understanding of what you've learned. Like Advanced Challenges, you may retake a Beginner or Intermediate Challenge as many times as you like to earn its maximum number of DevCoins.

  • View the Challenge Leaderboard as a side panel by clicking on Challenge Leaderboard. The side panel displays the user and team leaderboards, showing how many DevCoins you have earned and where you rank among your peers, both as an individual and as part of a team. By clicking on the respective tabs, you can toggle between the User and Team view, allowing you to compare your performance in different contexts.


Understanding the Tournament Banner


Read how to organize a tournament by navigating to Tournaments on the side panel of your Codebashing Management page and following the instructions here.

As the tournament organizer, you have the flexibility to schedule tournaments well in advance, in various programming languages like Java and PHP. With your administrative access on the backend, you can efficiently manage all aspects of the tournament.

To ensure all players are informed, a prominently displayed banner serves as a central hub of information. This banner dynamically reflects the current status of the tournament, presenting details such as the languages involved, the number of players registered, and the number of rounds in progress. It automatically updates to indicate whether the tournament is upcoming, opening soon (ready for participants to join), or currently active.


One of the key features of the banner is the countdown timer. As the tournament approaches, the timer ticks down to the exact moment when the tournament is set to begin giving you and the players time to prepare. Once the tournament begins, the banner displays the duration it has been running, providing a clear understanding of the tournament's progress. The banner won't be visible if there is no tournament scheduled or the tournament has concluded.