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Managing Tables

The various tables in the web interface provide navigation and pagination controls:


The following actions are available from the table's header bar:

  • Delete - 6436171876.png Delete rows


    A project can contain one or more scans that are locked, or whose deletion requires authorization that the current user does not have. In such cases, all objects that can be deleted are removed, and a message is displayed to notify the user about the objects that could not be deleted.


    When the user deletes a project, the project is not deleted from the database. Instead, the project is marked as "deprecated". All scans under the deleted project are also marked as "deprecated". This deprecated data can ultimately be removed as part of the Data Retention Management process.

  • Export -6436171879.png Export to CSV

  • Filters - 6436171882.png Display a filtering field for each column heading. After typing a filter text (not case-sensitive), press Enter to filter.

  • Group By -6436171888.png Group values by dragging the column header to the top bar. For example, a manager could group projects by user.

  • To re-order the rows by the values of a column, without grouping, just click the column heading (toggle between ascending and descending order).

  • Refresh -6436171894.png Refresh the table.