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Preparing for the Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration

A successful Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration requires planning. Prepare for the integration by performing these tasks. The Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration assumes you are familiar with the Checkmarx One product and API.

The role required to install in the SNOW instance: App-Sec Manager group.

Validate your instance sizing based on the number of application-vulnerable items you expect to import. An undersized instance can lead to long load times. If you do not know the size of your instance, contact Customer Service and Support. The Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration requires an Oauth 2.0 Client ID and Secret.

Creating an Oauth2 Client and Secret

  1. Log into Checkmarx One

  2. Click Identity and Access Management from the data center where your tenant exists. It will be one of the following:

    US Environment -

    EU Environment -

    Australia and New Zealand –

    India -

    Singapore -

  3. Click Oauth2 Clients.

    To create the Oauth2 Client, see Creating an OAuth2 Client

  4. Record your credentials for later use