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Installing the ServiceNow Vulnerability Response Integration with Checkmarx One

The Installation and configuration steps must be completed before the integration is run on an instance. This ensures that the Checkmarx One product integrates with the Application Vulnerability Response.


Complete the following setup checklist prior to installation. For a smooth installation and configuration, these setup tasks are required.


This process applies to applications that are downloaded to production instances. Applications downloaded to sub-production or development instances it is not necessary to get entitlements. See Activate a ServiceNow Store application.

Setup tasks


Verify that the Vulnerability Response application is installed and activated

To verify that this application is activated:

  1. Navigate to Subscription Management

  2. Click Subscriptions

    The list of subscriptions the organization has purchased is displayed.

Verify that you have the required ServiceNow roles for your instance

The following roles are required for installation, configuration and verification of the expected results

Role required: Administrator

Installing the Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration

  1. Log into the instance to install the Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration.

  2. Navigate to the ServiceNow Store.

  3. In the ServiceNow Store, search for Vulnerability Response Integration with Checkmarx One application.

  4. Click the application title.

    Detailed information about the application you are installing is displayed.

  5. Click Request App and enter the Now Support login credentials.

  6. Click Get.

  7. Enter the Instance Name and Reason for the Instance, and click Validate Instance.

  8. Click Request.

    You will receive an email with detailed installation instructions.

  9. Navigate to System Applications

  10. Click Applications.

  11. Locate the application, select it, and click Install.

    The application is automatically installed on the instance.