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Release Notes January 2024

Release Highlights:

The new Docker Security course! This course aims to give you an in-depth understanding of Docker while focusing on security within Docker environments. The lessons build your knowledge and skills and challenge you to ensure you are well-prepared to address various security challenges in Docker. By the end of this course, you will have a deeper understanding of Docker security and be able to create and manage secure Docker environments.

Use Search to better navigate your courses and lessons. Search has been improved with a new layout and a funneling organization. In addition to its default free search, it uses three types of filters: language, type, and progress.

  • Language Filter: This filter categorizes the content based on the coding language used to easily match your language preferences or learning needs.

  • Type Filter: This filter categorizes the content based on its format or purpose, including courses, lessons, challenges, and videos.

  • Progress Filter: This filter categorizes content based on your progress as Not Started, Started, and Completed. Use this filter to help track your progress and continue where you left off.

Toggle the Assigned to Me switch to include or exclude content your administrator or manager assigned to you.


Search maps all available content across the pages in Codebashing independent of and unrelated to external content.


A new API endpoint for user-deletion:

The GET call returns the list of users who are "eligible for deletion" by noting those consuming a license and those who are not. 

The POST attempts to delete any given set of users. The response organizes users as those who are consuming a license, those who are not, and those who are not eligible for deletion.