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User Management and Access Control

Access to the Checkmarx SCA Console (UI) is controlled by user accounts which are assigned to roles and Teams. Each user within your organization is assigned a role which determines what permissions the user has in the system. In addition, users are added to Teams. Projects can be assigned to specific Teams, so that only members of the designated Teams (or their parent Teams) can view data and take actions for that Project (alternatively, Projects can be left open to “All users”).

When your account is created, Checkmarx configures an initial admin account for your company’s Checkmarx SCA administrator. Your administrator can then create additional user accounts within your organization.

You can create and edit user accounts, as well as roles and Teams in the Checkmarx SCA Access Control console, which is accessed via the SCA web portal. Alternatively, you can use Master Access Control which offers a centralized management console for configuring users and roles across all Checkmarx products, see Using Master Access Control (Replica Mode).