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Creating a Project - Project Types

There are two types of Projects in SCA:

  • General - upload the source code as a ZIP file, or enter a URL to a public repository.

  • GitHub - integrate your Project with a private GitHub repository.

The following table shows the functionality of each type of Project:


General Project

GitHub Project

Location of source code

  • Local zip archive

  • CI/CD pipeline

  • Public GIT1repository

GitHub repository, using personal access tokens (PAT)

Scan trigger

  • Web platform

  • Plugins

  • API

  • Checkmarx SCA Resolver

  • Checkmarx SCA Agent

  • Web platform

Remediation through Pull Request

Not supported


Rescan method

Upload zip archive or specify URL each time that you run the scan

Rescan original GitHub repository


Once the access token has been configured it can’t be changed for that Project.

1 Any GIT URL on which the “git clone” command can be used.