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IntelliJ Plugin Overview

The CxSAST IntelliJ plugin is installed in the IntelliJ IDEA development environment and enables:

  • Uploading an IntelliJ project's code to CxSAST directly from IntelliJ.

  • Running public or private scans- may scan directories/folders, projects, or modules. (NOT files).

  • Authenticating users via their credentials or Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • An interactive interface for viewing scan results in the IntelliJ environment. This interface has several advantages over the regular CxSAST web interface:

    • You can make changes to the code as you view the vulnerabilities, in the locations indicated by the scan results, without needing to switch between applications.

    • The Results pane (Graph view) displays full paths with their intersections, rather than just the first and last elements of each vulnerability instance.

    • The Results pane, Graph view highlights the elements where fixes can be most efficiently applied.

  • Linking to training sessions.