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Installing and Configuring the Jenkins Plugin

The latest version of the CxSAST Jenkins plugin is only compatible with the latest CxSAST and CxSCA versions, although older plugin versions for previous CxSAST and CxOSA versions are available as well under Older Versions from the repository. The current version can be installed via the UI or the CLI.

The plugins are available in the Plugins repository .

The current version can be installed via the user interface or the CLI.


This section covers features and applications that must be installed and active for the respective applications prior to installing the Jenkins plugin.

Setting Up the Jenkins Plugin via the User Interface

Before you can set up the Jenkins plugin, you have to first install Jenkins on the host that is going to run the plugin.

Configuring the Jenkins Plugin for Scanning

Once the Checkmarx plugin is installed, follow the instructions below to configure the Jenkins plugin for scanning.

Setting Up a Proxy in the Jenkins Plugin

Setting up a proxy assumes that you checked Use Jenkins Proxy when you configured the Jenkins plugin as explained in the table above.