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Using a Proxy for IDE Plugins

You can direct your Checkmarx One calls through a proxy server. This can be done either by using the additional parameters in the plugin configuration or by setting environment variables in your IDE platform for use with the Checkmarx One plugins. The first method is supported for all IDEs and is described below. The second method is currently supported only for JetBrains, as described here.

Setting up a Proxy Variable using Additional Parameters

  1. Go to the Checkmarx One plugin Settings .

  2. In the Additional parameters section, configure your proxy variable using the following format http://<proxy_ip>:<port_number>. If authentication is required, then the format should be http://<username>:<password>@<proxy_ip>:<port_number>.


    Make sure to include the http:// prefix.

    It is not recommended to pass the username and password in clear text.