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Checkmarx SCA (REST) API - Projects

A Project in Checkmarx SCA is a logical entity that represents a source repository, such as a component, microservice, etc. which you intend to scan for vulnerable dependencies. Each time that you run a scan on the source repository you do so under the same Project, enabling you to track vulnerabilities in Checkmarx SCA throughout your SDLC. When you create a Project, you configure the Project settings, including specifying Teams for access control.

You can perform all CRUD actions on Projects via API.


Once you have created a Project you can run a scan of that Project using the Scan Upload APIs.

The following base URLs are used for all calls, depending on your environment:

The following is a list of the Checkmarx SCA APIs that relate to Projects:





GET Projects



View info about all the Projects in your account.

POST Projects



Create a new Project. The user specifies the Project name and configures the Project settings. The response returns a unique Project ID which is used to refer to the Project.

GET (Specific) Project



View info about a specific Project.

PUT Project



Update the Project name and/or the Teams assigned to the Project.

DELETE Project



Delete a Project.