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Maven Plugin Change Log

The following table lists the features and changes that have been implemented for the plugin with the relevant version release. To obtain the plugin, go to the plugin download section.


Change / Feature

Additional Information


  • Updated the dependencies for use with FSA 21.0.5.

  • Third-party libraries have been upgraded as listed below:

    • Library “commons-io: commons-io” to 2.11.0

    • Library “com.github.junrar: junrar” to 7.5.1.

    • Library “org.freemarker:freemarker” to 2.3.31.

    • Library “com.fasterxml.jackson.core: jackson-databind” to

    • Library “commons-collections: commons-collections” to 3.2.2.

    • Library “org.apache.commons: commons-compress” to 1.21.

  • Supported SAST Versions: 9.2, 9.3, 9.4

  • OSA Support: Supported

    * FSA agent supported version: 21.0.5

  • SCA Support: Not supported

  • Supported Java Version: Oracle JDK 8


  • Proxy Support, e.g., mvn -Dhttp.proxyHost=${proxy_host} -Dhttp.proxyPort=${proxy_port} checkmarx:scan

  • Proxy Authentication Support, e.g., mvn -Dhttp.proxyHost=${proxy_host} -Dhttp.proxyPort=${proxy_port} -Dhttp.proxyUser=${proxy_username} -Dhttp.proxyPassword=${proxy_password} checkmarx:scan

  • Added support for maven encryption (username, password).


  • Updated CxOSA scan support for the following dependency managers: NuGet, Python

  • Ability to break the build if CxOSA Policy Compliance is violated

    • New command line parameter in the CLI (-CheckPolicy)

    • New Exit code number (18) in case the policy is violated

  • Fixed issue that caused CPU spikes

  • Added support for proxy authentication

  • Fixed issue for recursive file pattern exclusions

  • Fixed issue that caused enabling ‘https.’ verification

  • Fixed issue that truncated team name and caused new projects to be created

  • Improved multipart requests to CxSAST server


  • A new parameter (-ExecuteNpmAndBower) has been added to this version of the CxSAST CLI plugin enabling the retrieval of all NPM and Bower dependancies before starting the CxOSA scan.

  • The parameters ('-OsaReportHtml' & '-OsaReportPDF') have been deprecated and are no longer supported in this version


  • Support tokenized authentication

  • Create CxOSA scan by sending SHA1 instead of binaries