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CxOSA Policy Management

Policy Management provides a centralized management console for defining, managing and tracking an organization’s acceptable security risk across all its applications and projects, using unified application security policies across customer/proprietary code and open source components.

A security policy is comprised of customer-defined rules that serve to define compliance, and against which violations occur. After a policy is created, it can then be assigned to one or more projects. Multiple policies can also be defined per project.

Policy Management supports CxOSA rules pertaining to the library, license and vulnerabilities. For more information about this subject, see Policy Management.

CxOSA Policy Management also includes our REST-based API that supports the latest version of the REST protocol. The Policy Management API provides the ability to manage policy management (i.e., create, updated and delete) and consists of several resources, such as, policies, rules and conditions. For more information about this subject, see Policy Management API.