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Version 2.95

Multi-Tenant release date: October 11, 2023

Version 2.95.4 | Released on October 11

Editing project tags

Users are now able to edit project tags, instead of just deleting them. This significantly enhances the user experience, especially for those transitioning from SAST. This feature is particularly valuable for users with large tags, as it eliminates the need to manually recreate them and reduces the chance of errors. It provides flexibility and familiarity, enhancing efficiency and streamlining workflow.

Partial scan outcomes in Project Webhook notifications

In previous versions, users who utilized Project Webhooks received notifications only for the Completed and Failed states. To ensure a more comprehensive range of Webhook events, we have extended the notifications to include outcomes related to Partial Scans.

Disabling Pull Request Decoration in the SCM Wizard

The SCM Wizard now allows disabling Pull Request Decoration. This is particularly useful for new customers who wish to perform scans on Pull Requests but do not want to immediately implement it for their engineers.

Deprecated and new API endpoints

In this version, the following Checkmarx API endpoints have been deprecated:

  • api/scan-summary/aggregate

  • api/scan-summary/compare/aggregate

To replace these deprecated endpoints, we have introduced the following new API endpoints with the same functionality:

  • api/sast-scan-summary/aggregate

  • api/sast-scan-summary/compare/aggregate

Fusion updates

  • As part of our efforts to support Python SAST results prioritization, Python projects are now built with prioritization data integrated.

  • The Python icon has been updated to the unified 2.0 version.