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Authentication Settings


From v9.0.0 and up, for LDAP and SAML management, see Access Control - Settings Tab (v2.0 and up).

LDAP Management

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an Internet protocol that web applications can use to look up information about those users and groups from the LDAP server. You can connect the CxSAST application to an LDAP directory for authentication, user and group management. CxSAST provides built-in connectors for the most popular LDAP directory servers; Active Directory, OpenLDAP and Custom LDAP Server. Connecting to an LDAP directory server is useful if user groups are stored in a corporate directory. Synchronization with LDAP allows the automatic creation, update and deletion of users and groups in CxSAST according to any changes being made in the LDAP directory.

For more information about configuring LDAP server settings for this version, please refer to Settings Tab - LDAP Server Settings (v2.0 and up).

SAML Management

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML-based format for exchanging authentication and authorization data between an identity provider and a service provider. Checkmarx’s Static Analysis Security Solution (CxSAST) has just become SAML 2.0 aware and can now be configured to act as a SAML 2.0 Service Provider. SAML supports the user lifecycle by retrieving users from the Identity Provider (IdP) and defining them in CxSAST. This allows for more centralized and enhanced user management.

For more information about configuring SAML management settings for this version, please refer to Configuring SAML Settings and Single sign-on with OKTA and SAML 2.0.