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Creating an SSH Key (Authentication to GIT)

Checkmarx CxSAST Git integration supports SSH asymmetric encryption key pairs created via OpenSSH and other utilities, but not via Putty.

To create an SSH Key using OpenSSH that is included in the default git client installation:

1. Open Git Bash


2. In order to know where Git Bash will create your SSH Key, enter Echo $HOME and press <Enter>.


3. Enter ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C <> and press <Enter>.

4. Press <Enter> for each concurrent question, if the key already exists, press <y> to overwrite it. Do not set a passphrase.


5. Navigate to your home folder, for example Z:\ drive.


The home folder includes a folder called ssh, which contains the following files:

  • id_rsa without extension. It is used when pasting the SSH Key into Checkmarx GitHub integration settings.

  • is added to the GitHub account, or any other GIT based system.