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Release Notes February 2024

This month’s update focuses on Admin 2.0. Though some modules are still under development, it is highly recommended that version 2.0 be used due to its enhanced functionality and coverage. Use the older version when using modules that have not been upgraded yet.

Release Highlights:

  • Switching to and from Admin 2.0: Toggle the switch to view the page in its old or new (2.0) versions. A confirmation popup will appear to confirm your choice.

  • The new Activity Feed supports all Codebashing content types, including Career Journey (Learning Path and Skill Tree), whereas the old version only supports Lessons and Courses.

    It also allows exporting any subset of filtered data (or all data) as a CSV file.


    Exported reports are saved in the new Download Hub.

    A new and intuitive set of filters has been added for the following features:

    • User email

    • Pairing <Object> and <Actions> (for example, <Courses > that were <Started > or <Completed>).

    • Timeframe - Today, Past Week, Past Month, Past Year, Custom (opens a calendar).

  • Assigned Content has been enhanced. Click + New Assignment to bulk assign courses, lessons, or journeys. For example, a course with 21 lessons can now be assigned as a single task rather than 21 separate lesson cubes. The module’s reporting feature presents all assignments in a tabular format, with options to view by content or audience and a toggle for custom courses. Clicking on any line in a tab reveals a detailed progress breakdown in a side panel.


    Assignment parameters, such as content, target audience, deadlines, and notification preferences, can be easily set through the wizard.