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Release Notes for Version RS 3.0.1

The Checkmarx Reporting Service 3.0.1 contains the following deliverables:

  • Support for XML format.

  • Enhancements in the Scan report by including the following details:

    • Scan initiator

    • Project custom fields details

    • Similarity Id and CWE Id information for each vulnerability

    • Link from the vulnerability to the query description in the Checkmarx SAST Web Portal

  • New option of including the following details for specific KPIs:

    • Scan Custom Fields, available for the Scan template.

    • Result Comments, available for the Scan template.

    • Team Name Full Path, in addition to the team name. It is available for the Scan, Project, Team(s) and Application templates.

    • Project branch information, available in the Project, Single Team and Application templates.