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Codebashing Integration with SAST

Codebashing™ is an in-context eLearning platform that sharpens the skills developers need to fix vulnerabilities and write secure code. Expending on the "learn by doing" concept, Codebashing teaches developers the principals of secure coding, and helps them sharpen application security skills in the most efficient way. Codebashing is fully integrated into SAST so when developers encounter a security vulnerability they can activate the appropriate learning module at a single click. Once they have run through the hands-on training they get straight back to work equipped with the new knowledge to resolve the problem.

Key benefits include:

  • Engaging – contextual training is available when and where the developer needs to fix the code.

  • Fast learning curve – interact with live vulnerable applications that show how exploits work behind the scenes.

  • Effective – the right content, at the right time continuously improves developer secure coding skills.

  • Fun – hack it, step-by-step!

SAST users can have free access to a limited set of Codebashing lessons.

Available free lessons are: SQL Injection (SQLi), Cross-site scripting (XSS), XML Injection (XXE)

The free lessons are available for the following programming languages: Java, .Net, PHP, Node.JS, Ruby, Python

The full (paid) version includes more than 150 individual lessons across many common web, mobile and embedded programming languages. Please refer to Codebashing for a full list of supported programming languages and lessons.

For additional information about Codebashing and its many features, refer to the Codebashing Documentation.