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What is Codebashing

Codebashing is an interactive AppSec training platform built by developers for developers. Codebashing teaches developers principles of common AppSec vulnerabilities and secure coding techniques they need to avoid security issues, fix vulnerabilities, and write secure code through unique courses tailored to their code and skill level. Codebashing is prepackaged with some courses, but an administrator can customize more for their teams.

Codebashing offers three modules that allow developers to test their newly gained knowledge: individually, in a tournament, and a non-competitive environment.

Key Benefits of Codebashing

  • Game-like: Developers can “wear the hacker's hat” while learning modules.

  • Hands-on: Developers can see all the parts of the application stack describing a vulnerability.

  • Interactive: Codebashing actively engages the developer to improve their skills.

  • Fun: Developers can roll up their sleeves and play while learning.

  • Enterprise-ready: Drill-down dashboard analytics & includes built-in support for major SSO/SAML providers.

  • Unique : Codebashing is custom to every developer and targets their weaknesses for improvement.