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Configuring a Project

The API client can change the configuration of an existing project. To create a new project, first run a scan with a new project name, and then configure the project as described here.

CxSDKWebService.UpdateProjectIncrementalConfiguration Method

public CxWSBasicRepsonse UpdateProjectIncrementalConfiguration(
   string sessionID,
   long projectID,
   ProjectConfiguration projectConfiguration


  • sessionID: The current Session ID

  • projectID: The Project ID of the project to be configured. Can be obtained from the server response upon running a scan.

  • projectConfiguration: An instance of class ProjectConfiguration, to be applied as the new settings for the project. Existing settings can be obtained by getting project details and storing, from the response, CxWSResponseProjectConfig.ProjectConfig . The APi client can then modify the stored settings and re-apply the object to the project (see example).


To modify existing settings of a project with a known ID of 200, changing the schedule to Now:

internal void Main(string [] args)
   String sessionID = args[0];
   CxSDKWebServiceSoapClient cxSDKProxy = new CxSDKWebServiceSoapClient();

   long projectID = 200;

   //get project configuration
   CxWSResponseProjectConfig ProjConfigResponse = cxSDKProxy.GetProjectConfiguration(sessionID, projectID);
   ProjectConfiguration ProjConfig = ProjConfigResponse.ProjectConfig;

   //modify schedule settings
   ProjConfig.ScheduleSettings.Schedule = ScheduleType.Now;

   //Apply modified settings to project
   CxWSBasicRepsonse response = cxSDKProxy.UpdateProjectIncrementalConfiguration(sessionID, projectID, ProjConfig);

SOAP to REST Mapping

This section covers SOAP to REST migration and mapping of our legacy SOAP based SDK to the new REST APIs. It is recommended to use this reference only once CxSAST V8.8.0 is installed.


POST /sast/scanSettings

Define a specific project’s scan settings. Parameters include - presetId, engineConfigurationId, postScanActionId and emailNotifications (beforescan, failedScans, afterScans).

For more mapping information, refer to API Mapping (SOAP to REST). You can also find a summary of our REST APIs here.