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Generating Courses Based on SAST Scan Results

Codebashing enables users to generate courses according to vulnerabilities detected in a SAST scan. These courses appear in the Codebashing course list. Administrator users find these courses listed under Custom Courses. These courses educate you on the following:

  • The danger that these vulnerabilities are posing in general.

  • How they could affect your specific software project.

  • How to fix and avoid these vulnerabilities in the future.

Like other Codebashing courses, generated courses are displayed in the Course menu and can be defined as primary courses. They also appear in the downloaded CSV to track progress. To set your system up for generating courses, you must integrate Codebashing with SAST and define a post-scan action in SAST.


To locate the lesson related to the detected vulnerability from the scan, we use our data server and the CWE.

The API address is