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Limiting Engine Scans

To Limit Engine Scans:

In Settings > Application Settings > Engine Management, click REGISTER ENGINE SERVER. The Register Engine Server window is displayed.


The Register Engine Server window includes the following properties:

  • Server Name: The name of the server you are appointing as Engine Server

  • Server URI: The address of the server

  • Scan LOC limits: The Scan limits is not a mandatory field, in the event the fields are left empty assume the value From to include: All to: All. Define the lower and higher limits for size of projects that this engine can accept for scanning.

    • When the range is defined and the user clicks OK, the system performs a check of range continuity. In the event there is no continuity between ranges of all engines defined at that moment, a pop-up message is displayed: "Line 1: "Notice: Projects including the following ranges: line 2 : XXX – YYY line 3: more then 1000 Line 4: Will not be scanned."

    • In the event the scan size falls out of defined engine ranges, the scan fails and the following message is displayed: "Scan has failed due to falling outside of the defined engines scan ranges".

    • After defining the scan engine range, in order to activate the user has to Restart the scan manager service.

  • Max Concurrent Scans: The maximum allowed number of concurrent scans. Enter a whole number between 1 - 999,999,999. The maximum number you can enter depends on the resources of your system.

To save configuration, click UPDATE.