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Checkmarx One Reports

You can generate various types of reports containing data from your Checkmarx One account to share with relevant stakeholders. The following types of reports are available:

  • Scan Reports - Scan reports provide comprehensive information on scans that have been run in Checkmarx One.


    This report shows info from all scanners run in the scan, including SCA. However, you can obtain more comprehensive SCA info by generating SCA (Package) Reports.

  • Project Reports - Project reports provide information on a specific project using the selections made by the user when generating the report.

  • SCA (Package) Reports - SCA reports provide detailed information about the open source packages in your project and the risks associated with those packages. There are two types of SCA reports:

    • SCA Scan Reports - shows an overview of the open source packages in your project as well as specific vulnerabilities, legal risks, and outdated versions identified by the scan.

    • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) - shows detailed info about each of the open source packages used by your program and the associated risks. You can choose between CycloneDX v1.5 format or SPDX SPDX v2.2 format.