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Creating Environments

A Checkmarx One Environment defines the URL or API source to be scanned, scan tags, and group assignments. Typically, a Checkmarx One Environment corresponds to a web application. The scan results remain associated with the environment whenever the source code is scanned.

Creating a Checkmarx Environment

To create a new Checkmarx Environment, do the following:

  1. Log on to Checkmarx One. The Applications and Projects home page appears.

  2. Click the Environments tab.

  3. Click Add Environment. The New Environment dialog appears.

  4. In the New Environment dialog, configure the following:

    • Environment Name - Specify the web application or API code to be scanned and tracked.

    • URL - Define the base URL for the web application or the API.

    • Tags (Optional) - Assign tags to the environment. Tags are very useful for environment filtering purposes. Tagging has no dependencies in any other component, and it is possible to configure any required value.

    • Groups (Optional) - Assign groups to the environment. Once a group is assigned to an environment, all the group members can perform actions in the environment, such as scanning and viewing results.

  5. Click Create Environment. The new environment is added to the Environments list.


You can filter the display for every environment that exists in Checkmarx One. Read more about filtering here.