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Running a Scan from Visual Studio

You can manually run a scan from Visual Studio for bound or unbound solutions and projects, for the whole project or for an individual folder or file.


The user running the Visual Studio plugin scan must have both 'Scanner' and 'Reviewer' role permissions.

You can run fulll scans of the entire project, selected files and folders or run incremental scans as explained below.

To run a full scan of the whole project, or of the selected folder or file:

  • In Visual Studio, right-click the project, folder, or file, and select CxViewer > Scan.

To run an incremental scan of only the new and modified files within a project or folder that was previously scanned:

  1. In Visual Studio, right-click the project or folder and select CxViewer > Incremental Scan.

  2. If the project is unbound, configure the new CxSAST project to be created:

  3. Click <OK>. The project is uploaded to the CxSAST server and scanned. It appears in the web interface queue and as a scan of a new project.