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Checkmarx One Learning Tracks - Operations


This Operations Learning Track intends to provide individuals responsible for maintaining and integrating Checkmarx in the organization´s System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) with the information they need to start using the Checkmarx One platform.

The purpose of the SDLC methodology is to provide IT Project Managers with the tools needed to help ensure the successful implementation of systems that satisfy strategic and business objectives.

This learning track provides you with the tools you need by focusing its content on the maintenance and integration of the Checkmarx platform.

Motivation & Objectives

The Operations Learning Track targets Sysadmins, DevOps, and SecDevOps engineers that deploy, maintain, integrate, and automate the Checkmarx platform products.

The goal is to provide the training they need to take full advantage of the platform and its features.

How this Learning Track is Structured

Below you will find an overview of the topics we will cover within the Checkmarx One Operations Learning Track.