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General Settings

General Settings screen included the following options:

  • Tenant ID

  • Display name - A friendly tenant name which appears in the log in screen.

    For example:

  • Enable MFA for IDP users - This feature allows administrators to configure Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for Identity Providers (IDP) users during their initial login.


    This setting is applicable only to IDP users and does not affect users created within Checkmarx One. As a result, toggling this option off will not disable MFA for Checkmarx One users.

  • Enable access to Checkmarx Internal Users - By default, this option is enabled. When the toggle is activated, service users can be created in the Checkmarx back office. The toggle itself does not automatically generate service users; instead, they must be manually created by Checkmarx CloudOps.

    A service user provides Checkmarx employees with access to the tenant. Utilizing this feature allows Checkmarx employees to effectively showcase new features and provide assistance with support cases. A service user is automatically assigned with ast-admin and iam-admin roles.

    After 15 days of being granted access to the tenant, service users will be automatically revoked. If the option is disabled within this 15-day period, active service users will have their access automatically blocked.


    • Users with iam-admin role will be able to toggle the feature (enable/disable service user accounts).