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Release Updates (v3.11.2)


We are introducing CxIAST v3.11.2! Read on to check out what's new.


CxIAST 3.11.2 is a maintenance version and replaces CxIAST v3.11.1.

Release Highlights

This section highlights the main features of this version.

Adjustments for Windows Support

Since CxIAST 3.11.1, CxIAST only supports Windows platforms that support http2, therefore all Windows platforms up to Windows 8.1 and all Windows Server platforms up to Windows Server 2012 R2 are no longer supported.

Resolved Limitations

The following limitations have been resolved with this release.

  • In order to resolve multiple vulnerabilities tha have been detected in Open Source packages used by IAST, various libraries and dependencies have been updated.

  • After detecting vulnerabilities on third party objects used by the in Cx Java agent, the vulnerabilities have been updated with their respective security updates.

  • The error that caused the export to PDF to fail in SSL after upgrading has been corrected.

  • The error that caused the previous installation settings to be deleted as a result of a failed validation of the prerequistites while upgrading has been corrected.