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Supported Environments for Applications Under Testing (v3.11.2)

Applications based on the code languages listed below can be scanned in your application under testing (AUT) using the latest CxIAST version.


In previous versions, this section was titled 'Supported Code Languages'.


Supported Version


Application Server

Additional Communication Frameworks Support

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Java 8-12

Windows or Linux

  • Apache Tomcat v7 (or higher)

  • Jetty v8 (or higher)

  • JBoss EAP v6.4 (or higher)

  • Wildfly v10.1 (or higher)

  • WebLogic Server 12cR2 (or higher)

  • Eclipse Vert.x v3.1 (or higher)

  • WebSphere Liberty – 18 (or higher)

  • WebSphere Traditional - 9 (or higher)

  • Payara - 5 (or higher)

  • Kafka + Spring Kafka (version 2.0 and higher)

  • RabbitMQ + Spring RabbitMQ (version 2.0 and higher)

  • Nakadi

  • gRPC


.NET Framework 4.5 (or higher)


  • IIS, IIS Express

  • Not Applicable


.NET Core 3.1

Windows or Linux

  • IIS, IIS Express, Kestrel

  • Not Applicable


Node.js 14 (as AUT only)

Windows or Linux

  • Not Applicable

  • npm (latest version)